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Wanna know more about your favourite pizza? Here's a slice of our history

the heart of the chicago pizza scene background
the heart of the chicago pizza scene

The heart of the Chicago pizza scene

The story behind our story, started back in '43. Some downtown genius raised crusts higher, made a Deep Dish pizza and made history.

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our love for pizza just got deeeper

Our love for pizza just got deeeper

In '92 Chicago Town was number 1 in America. So after tasting the delicious Chicago Deep Dish, our American founding fathers were inspired! They came to the UK, armed with their own pioneering recipe for the now famous Chicago Town Deep Dish pizza. It was big on taste, big on toppings and very quickly big on demand.

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Built from the base up

Deep Dish helped our business double in the nineties. And people couldn't get enough of us.

We grew our base from a team of 100, to the UK's biggest frozen pizza brand today, dishing up 850,000 deliciously cheesy pizzas every day!

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in crust we trust

In crust we trust

As tastes evolved, and families grew so did our range. We brought in Tiger Bread crust, even more toppings and stuffed our unique rising Takeway dough with squishy signature sauce, cheese, cheese and more cheese!

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welcome to pizza heaven my friend

Welcome to pizza heaven my friend

We thought outside the pizza box, adding boatloads of tasty new toppings, signature sauces and crunchy, crusty crusts. Sure things have changed, but we still make our pizzas the only way we know. From the base up. Some days we even head back to Chicago for an extra taste of inspiration.

Pizza? Yeah, we go to town on it.

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