Taaaasty NEW Pizzas!

Taaaasty NEW Pizzas!

Taaaasty new pizza this way

We've got so many exciting new flavours! Who knew?

Brand new bases, fully loaded toppings and exciting new flavours, Chicago Town have gone to town on new taaaasty products. 

Chicago Town pizzas bring you fully loaded flavours and bases that are super easy to cook – meaning those get togethers or family meals are turned up a notch!

Deep Dish pizza topped with bbq sauce, pork pieces, red onion and cheese

The Ultimate One Memphis Style BBQ Pork

NEW Chicago Town The Ultimate One Memphis Style BBQ Pork Deep Dish 😍

We took our classic Deep Dish base, loaded it with a boatload of our signature sticky maple sauce, and went full-on with mozzarella, memphis style BBQ pork and red onions.

Deep Dish just went Ultimate. Have you tried it yet?

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Deep dish base topped with katsu curry sauce, chicken pieces and red pepper with wanna win new katsu chicken deep dish written over the top

Be Inspired Katsu Chicken

NEW Chicago Town Deep Dish Be Inspired One Katsu Chicken

We raise the crust high, add a boatload of our signature katsu curry sauce, and go full-on with mozzarella, katsu chicken, fried onions and red peppers.

Iconic Katsu Taste 🤝 Iconic Deep Dish base. The perfect duo.

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Hungry for mooooore?

We have a boat load of exciting flavours in our taaaasty range, piled high onto your favourite Chicago town bases… Have you given them a go yet?

Tomato stuffed crust pizza topped with salt and pepper chicken, red peppers and green peppers

Weekender Salt 'n' Pepper Chicken

Have you tried our Chicago Town Weekender Salt 'n' Pepper Chicken pizza? If you like your pizza fully loaded, get a load of this! We’ve taken our unique rising Takeaway dough and loaded it with a salt & pepper tomato sauce, then gone to town on salt & pepper chicken, red & green peppers and gooey salt & pepper butter. And hey, it comes with our awesome squishy signature tomato sauce stuffed crust! 

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Cheese stuffed crust pizza topped with cheese, beef pieces green peppers and fried onions

Weekender Philly Cheesesteak

If you like your pizzas extra cheesey, this is the one for you. Chicago Town Weekender Philly Cheesesteak pizza, For this pizza we start with our super indulgent cheese sauce-filled crust, we went to town on a creamy cheesy sauce base, then loaded up on taaaasty toppings - we're talking beef, green peppers & fried onions, have you tried it yet?!

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Deep dish pizza with tomato sauce topped with picante nduja, peppadew peppers and cheese

The Ultimate One Picante Nduja

Chicago Town Deep Dish The Ultimate One Picante Nduja. We raise the chilli pepper crust high, add a boatload of our signature tomato sauce, and go full-on with Nduja sausage, PEPPADEW® Piquante Peppers and a loada mozzarella cheese. As the Ultimate little treat for one, it's far too good to share. Have you grabbed yours yet?!

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Deep dish pizza topped with cheese sauce, beef pieces, green peppers and fried red onions

The Ultimate One Peppered Cheesesteak

Another one for the cheesy sauce lovers...Chicago Town Deep Dish The Ultimate One Peppered Cheesesteak! We raised the black pepper crust high, added a boatload of creamy cheesy sauce, and went to town on with beef, green peppers, red onions and a loada mozzarella cheese. The perfect solo treat for one? You've found it.

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Crispy thin pizza topped with tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni and sausage

Crispy Chicago Thin Sausage 'n' Pepperoni

For the pizza lovers who like it thin on base but big on taste, meet Chicago Town's Crispy Chicago Thin Sausage 'n' Pepperoni. Our Crispy Chicago Thin pizza is inspired by tavern style, a local favourite in Chicago. Created to hold a loada toppings edge to edge, our unique base is smothered with signature sauce and loaded with creamy Mozzarella, house pepperoni and fennel sausage. 

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