Fidgety? Anxious? Irate? Lost?

You're showing symptoms of a takeaway FAIL





Constant refreshing of the delivery estimate, jumping at every slight sound on the street

Following the initial joy and excitement of placing an order, people enter the fidgety stage around five minutes after. This is characterised by finger-tapping, toe-tapping and starting to check the takeaway’s app for updates on the arrival time.

Will it ever arrive, have they forgotten my order? Will I ever eat again?

Around 10 minutes after ordering, anxiety starts to creep in. Checking the app and becoming frustrated when delivery time creeps up are symptoms of this stage.

I'm fuming, never again!

As stress levels increase further, circa 40 minutes after ordering, a lack of clear communication, the tardiness of deliveries, curtain twitching and the driver going the wrong way heightens emotions and results in a state of being visibly irate, with loved ones often bearing the brunt of this.

It's arrived, it's cold, it's awful, why me, what did I do to deserve this?

The final stage is one of absolute despondency. Frequently after waiting for a long time – around 50 minutes - the wrong order arriving or the food being of a disappointing quality makes people feel lost. During the experiment, participants had a lower heart rate than when they initially ordered, contradicting expectations that they would feel joy upon receiving the pizza they had waited for.

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